New Straya EP "I Don't Know What Anyone Is Talking About Anymore" Out Today -- Release Show at Kitty Cat Klub Tonight!

Photo by Taylor Donskey

I haven't been this excited about a local release in a long time. Maybe it's because I had way too much fun working on it, but also it's just really f**king good. We tracked basics at Secret Stash Records and finished dubs and mixing at my place. Yes, this is a short release -- only 12 minutes -- but Straya cover a ton of genres, grooves and moods in that amount of time, which, as long as I've known them, has always been their specialty. Lend them your ears.


Tonight is the release show at the Kitty Cat Klub in Dinkytown. My band, William Within is kicking things off at 9pm. Then, Strange Relations, Straya and Maeth. Amazingly enough this show is $0.00 so you'd be foolish to skip. 21+ 


The event page is here.


The new EP is here:

Poster by Aaron Musickant

Album artwork by Rose von Muchow