New Year, New Knobs To Turn To The Right

2016 is off to a busy start, which means all knobs to the hard right position. It also means I keep forgetting to be cold and miserable! Pretty sweet problem to have in Minnesota. Here's what I've been up to in the new year:

My band, William Within, shared a new song called "Amuse Me" by way of an NPR #TinyDeskContest video. We had local advertising veteran Gary Bingner and his colleagues/skilled videographers Dave Dennison and Andrew Hatling shoot the video. It was somewhat of a dream come true to turn our house into a two-story recording complex for the day: control room upstairs, live room downstairs, 100 ft. XLR snake and a screen-sharing laptop connecting the two. It was a lot of work but everything turned out great! Thanks to Gary, Dave and Andrew for their talents and time. Check out the final product and share it around!

My friends in Straya put out this face-melter of an EP we recorded at Secret Stash Records and my attic. Listen up: 

I wrapped up a big audiobook project with local poetry publishers Milkweed Editions.  I gained a serious appreciation for engineers who do primarily long-format work like this -- the editing process is no joke! Keep an eye on Milkweed's site for the finished books.

I recorded the Tabah Tiny Desk Video in Duluth, the Julian Manzara Quartet at Jazz Central, Tara Loeper's 416 Commissions show at The Cedar Cultural Center, a video mix for folk duet Joseph McQuillan and Charlie Bruber, and I'm five sessions in to the new Grape Whales record. 

One of my main spots for freelancing, Secret Stash, has just launched a website and Facebook page for their recording studio. Check it out and spread the word! If you'd like to tour the space, shoot me an email and we'll set up a time!


Hope everyone's 2016 is off to a great start! Cheers!