Studio Recording/mixing

It's just what it sounds like! Yes, I do music AND voice over. Hop over to the experience page to see who I've worked with before. I work out of several different studios in the Twin Cities; where we work will depend on your budget and equipment/space needs.

in-progress editing/mixing/mastering projects

I take all sorts of in-progress projects, even if I wasn't the original recording engineer. I'll slice, dice, mix and master anything from double LPs to podcasts to phone prompts, anything that let's me exercise my love for Pro Tools keyboard shortcuts.


I bring the studio to you (well, some of it). I can capture up to 16 channels of 48k 24 bit WAVs. In the week following, I bring the files to a proper studio and edit/mix/master. Please let me know if you need headphone or stage monitor mixes on recording day; that will require some extra planning and set up.

LIVE Sound

If you have an event that needs any sort of amplification, I can help make your life a little easier. I've mixed loud rock shows at the 7th St. Entry and mixed presentations with audience Q&As in quiet U of M auditoriums. Though I don't fancy myself a lighting or video guy, I've done plenty of both so let me know if you need that too.

Pro tools & basic recording training

I teach Pro Tools and basic signal flow to Radio K's volunteers and staff. I also do some outside teaching for those who are interested. If you're looking to start a podcast or record some demos of your band, I can help point you in the right direction.